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About Baoji Guangsheng Metal Materials Co.,Ltd.

Baoji Guangsheng Metal Materials Co.,Ltd. is located in the high-tech development zone of Baoji City,Shaanxi Province, which is known as "China's titanium valley" and the "One Belt And One Road" economic belt of the 21st century.This area represents the highest form of titanium processing and technology of China, the development course of its development on behalf of the Chinese titanium industry, can produce all the titanium alloy on the international brand, also is one of the few in the world have large alloy ingot EB furnace smelting capacity of titanium processing base, so the titanium industry in the world also have important role.

The company has the domestic first-class skilled grasp titanium and titanium alloy smelting, titanium material processing professional technical personnel, there are a number of technical experts can solve major technical problems.Over the years to promote the sustainable development of China's titanium industry as its own responsibility, rely on scientific and technological progress, improve product quality, reduce production costs, develop new products and high-tech products, is committed to promoting the new application of titanium.In titanium alloy smelting technology, smelting intermediate alloy preparation technology, processing technology, non-destructive testing technology and other aspects of the advanced level.Company in order to meet the aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical industry, automobile, medical, sports, outdoor supplies, oil and gas exploitation, ocean exploration and ocean engineering, vacuum coating, and other fields to the demand of the new titanium alloy materials, the company long-term cooperation with domestic titanium main research institutes for titanium alloy technology research, including high temperature, corrosion resistant titanium alloy, high strength structure damage tolerance type titanium alloy, flame retardant ships, biomedical titanium alloy,  titanium alloy at low temperature, low cost, we will for titanium alloy into industrial production and application promotion to make greater contribution.

The company mainly imports and exports titanium and titanium alloy, nickel, zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, copper, aluminum and other metal materials products, including plate, bar, wire, pipe, equipment processing and manufacturing, non-standard and standard parts and accessories, CNC precision workpieces, customized products and other high-quality sales services.

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