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Application Of Titanium Alloy Materials In National Defense Industry

Nov. 15, 2019

Titanium alloys such as titanium plates and titanium rods are widely used in aviation, aerospace and other industries because of their low density (4.51g/cm3), high strength (some reach 1000MPa), high specific strength, and excellent high-low temperature performance. Industrial indispensable structural materials. In addition, titanium and its alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and other comprehensive properties in many chemical media, and are widely accepted by petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, sports and other civilian industries, gradually replacing various metal materials in a short time. Ranked third in the use of metal materials. So what are the applications of titanium alloys in the defense industry? Titanium Sheet Gr7 Manufacturer can come to some knowledge of everyone's science.

1. The use of titanium in China's defense industry

Whether in the United States or Russia, its titanium is mainly used in aircraft manufacturing and shipbuilding. In recent years, China's two fields have developed rapidly, and there are many new types of aircraft in mass production. There are also many projects under development. It is estimated that the amount of titanium used in these two fields will increase significantly. China has matured in the use of titanium alloys. Over time, the application of our titanium alloys will also make the aerospace industry leap. In the aerospace field, China's first large-scale all-titanium ultraviolet space telescope has also been manufactured and experimentally completed, and the application of titanium alloy in the space field is bright.

Titanium Bar

Titanium Bar

Titanium alloys are promising for use on ships. This is related to the strength and toughness of the titanium alloy, and also the corrosion resistance. The titanium plate and the Titanium Bar in the seawater are extremely stable, and basically the hull is not corroded, which can reduce the maintenance cost. It can also reduce the weight of the hull, which is of great benefit to the ship. In addition, it is necessary to mention two points: First, titanium is non-magnetic, which is very helpful against magnetic detection. Second, it is inherently integrated with advanced ship composite coatings. The stealth composites that will be used in the future have the disadvantage of reacting with high-strength special steel used in previous ships, and it is easy to generate electricity in seawater due to potential difference. Occasionally, it accelerates corrosion.

2. The use of titanium by the defense industry in other countries

Many of the world’s retired, in service or in research and development, use structural components of titanium and its alloys. With the transformation of modern warfare patterns, the rapid mobility of modern military forces is very prominent, so for the Army. It is necessary to rely on the ability of the transport aircraft to achieve rapid maneuvering, which requires the Army's original heavy equipment to be as light as possible. For example, countries now hope that their artillery can quickly and effectively transfer to another place, strategically or tactically. The purpose of this will inevitably lead to a bright future for the development of titanium alloy in the field of artillery. Like the US M777 light howitzer, due to the use of titanium alloy casing, the combat weight has dropped to 3.175 tons, and it can be transported by V22 or C130 to achieve fast maneuvering. ability. Similarly, the UFH ultra-light 155mm gun in the UK uses 1 ton of titanium in less than 4 tons. This shows the importance of titanium in the world of aerospace, especially in engine manufacturing and body manufacturing.

The performance of Titanium Sheet, titanium rods and titanium alloys is unquestionable. The metallurgical process of various titanium alloys is also a very conventional thing for big countries, just considering the cost. With the development of the economy, the special requirements of national defense also have the ability to guarantee, so titanium and its alloys will usher in rapid development in the future civil and military fields. At the same time, titanium and its alloys will greatly enhance the performance of some special equipment.

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