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Application Of Titanium And Titanium Alloys In Shipbuilding

Jan. 13, 2020

The service environment of the ship is a harsh marine climate. Due to prolonged contact with seawater, the hull and its equipment and components are easily corroded, and it is extremely complicated and difficult to take protective measures. Therefore, special technical properties are proposed for ship materials Requirements: good seawater corrosion resistance; good stability in high and low temperature environments; safe and reliable, large load, less maintenance or convenient maintenance, good workability such as bending and welding. Titanium Bar Manufacturer will introduce the application of titanium and titanium alloys in shipbuilding.

1. Advantages of titanium and titanium alloys as marine materials

Titanium and titanium alloys, due to their excellent characteristics, can meet almost all requirements for marine materials, and can be called similar marine materials. Its advantages are as follows:

(1) Light weight and high specific strength. The density of titanium is higher than that of iron. Although the density of titanium is less than twice that of aluminum, its strength is three times that of aluminum. In industrial engineering applications, when a metal with a higher specific strength is selected, titanium alloy can be used as the material of choice. Under the same conditions, deep dives made with Titanium Plate can reach depths of up to 10,000 meters, while steel deep dives are far below. In addition, titanium has zero magnetism and will not be disturbed in magnetic fields of any strength. Therefore, when fighting at sea, magnetic mines such as mines and torpedoes are used to attack weapons. Anti-monitoring effect, this feature is favored by military engineering applications.

Titanium Plate

Titanium Plate

(2) Good corrosion resistance in marine climate environment. When titanium alloy is in air and some oxygen-containing media, due to the strong affinity of titanium and oxygen, a dense, strong adhesion and good stability oxide film can be quickly formed on the surface, which is not easy to be destroyed in many media. Thus, it has a protective effect on the titanium matrix. Studies have shown that the corrosion rates of titanium and titanium alloys  such as Titanium Tubing are close to zero, no matter in the full immersion zone, tidal zone, splash zone or marine climate environment. Therefore, the use of titanium alloys for ships can extend the service life on the one hand and reduce the cost of protective treatment due to surface corrosion in the later.

(3) Excellent comprehensive performance. Titanium alloy can be processed by cold and hot forming, free forging, extrusion and welding, and has good processing adaptability. Data research shows that the titanium alloy has no brittle transition point when it is subjected to impact toughness test in the range of -60 to 20°C. In addition, compared with aluminum alloys and steel, titanium alloys have excellent heat resistance, low temperature resistance and fracture toughness.

2. Application status of titanium alloys in ships

At present, Russia, the United States, and China have mainly researched and formed systems for marine titanium alloys. Russia has researched the application of titanium alloys on ships very early, and has a set of system documents for reference in engineering applications (relevant design, material selection and technology, etc.). The United States pioneered the research of titanium alloys for aviation. Later, based on the titanium alloys for aviation, according to the service environment of the ship, a marine titanium alloy system was formed, and the titanium alloy was successfully applied to various power submarines and seawater pipelines. Pressure housings of systems and deep submersibles. China's ultra-titanium alloy for marine research and development was developed as early as 1962. After decades of development, the level of research and manufacturing has greatly improved, from the original imitation of foreign brand alloys to the current independent research and development of marine titanium alloy systems,

With the rapid development of science and technology, the cost of titanium alloys has gradually decreased. Driven by a series of policies, the application of titanium and titanium alloys in ships has shown many advantages such as lightweight equipment, high speed, and high safety and reliability. Titanium alloys for marine use will surely usher in rapid development.

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