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How To Improve The Quality Of Titanium Tube Welding?

Jan. 06, 2020

In recent years, a new type of titanium pipe has been widely used. Because titanium alloys have the properties and characteristics of light specific gravity, high strength, and corrosion resistance, in addition to being widely used in aerospace, petrochemical and machinery manufacturing, they are also currently used for the first time in the construction of piping systems for surface ships. However, because titanium alloy is a more active metal, it has a great affinity for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases at high temperatures, that is, it has a strong ability to absorb and dissolve gases, especially during welding. This capability is particularly strong with the rise in welding temperature. Practice has proved that if the absorption and dissolution of titanium alloy with oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases are not controlled during welding, the product will eventually be scrapped. Therefore, the welding of titanium pipe joints must be effectively prevented and controlled to meet the quality requirements of welding.

Titanium Tubing's titanium tube is more active, so in the implementation of titanium tube welding, the control of welding temperature, protective gas protection effect, welding environment and other requirements are more stringent, a little carelessness will cause welding quality large impact, in severe cases will lead to product scrap. Practice has proved that: by analyzing the main factors affecting the welding quality, determining the key welding processes, and strengthening the control of the environment, personnel, welding parameters and methods during the welding process, it can effectively ensure that the welding quality of titanium pipe materials is further improved. Improve to prevent the emergence of welding waste.

Titanium Tubing

Titanium Tubing

Titanium Rod Supplier will introduce the welding requirements of titanium pipe joints.

1. Welders should wear clean work clothes and there should be no oil stains. Welding gloves should be white gauze gloves, gloves of cotton and other fabrics are strictly prohibited.

2. Welding platform layout, wire brushes and other materials used for decontamination of the welding area of the welding head should be made of stainless steel, and other contaminating materials such as carbon steel are strictly prohibited.

3. The welding site should be set up indoor or in a dedicated welding workshop as far as possible. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the room. The environment should be kept clean and dry. The room temperature should not be lower than 5 ° C, and air convection should be strictly controlled.

4. In order to obtain better welding quality, the end of the butt pipe is processed into a V-shaped groove as much as possible. The welding area and the surface of the welding wire should be degreased with acetone.

The above is the method introduced by the Titanium Sheet supplier to combat the improvement of the welding quality of titanium tubes. I hope it can help everyone.

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