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New Metallurgical Methods And New Technologies For Titanium

Sep. 27, 2019

Find here details of Titanium Plate on our website. Today we would like to talk about new metallurgical methods and new technologies for titanium.

The content of titanium in the earth's crust is second only to iron, aluminum, copper and other metal elements, but why is the price of titanium very expensive, far more than iron and aluminum? This is because the total amount of titanium is large, but the distribution is not concentrated, and it is difficult to smelt, and the difficulty is far more than that of metals such as iron and copper.

Titanium Plate

Titanium Plate

The reserves of titanium in the earth's crust are second only to iron, aluminum and copper, ranking fourth in the metal element. Moreover, Chin alloy has a series of excellent properties and is thus becoming more and more widely used. Titanium alloys can be classified into high temperature titanium alloys, structural titanium alloys and functional titanium alloys according to their application background. Titanium is a very active metal that reacts quite rapidly with oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon in liquid form, so titanium alloy smelting must be carried out under high vacuum or inert gas (ar or ne).

The smelting crucibles are all water-cooled copper crucibles. There are three main methods for the specific melting process shared by Titanium Alloy Plate Manufacturer:

(1) Non-consumable electrode arc furnace melting Alloy melting is carried out under vacuum or inert gas protection. The process mainly prepares electrodes for smelting of consumable electrodes.

(2) Vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace melting The consumable electrode made of titanium or titanium alloy is the cathode, and the water-cooled copper crucible is used as the anode. The molten electrode enters the crucible in the form of droplets to form a molten pool. The surface of the bath is heated by the arc and is always in a liquid state. The bottom and the sides of the crucible are forced to cool, resulting in bottom-up crystallization. The molten metal in the molten pool solidifies and becomes a titanium ingot.

Vacuum self-consumption electrode shell protection smelting smelting device is indicated. The furnace is developed on the basis of a vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace, which is a furnace type of casting shaped parts which combines smelting and centrifugal casting. The biggest feature is that there is a thin layer of titanium alloy solid between the water-cooled copper crucible and the metal melt, which is called the shell. This layer of the same material is used as the inner liner of the crucible to form the molten pool to store the titanium liquid. It avoids the contamination of titanium alloy liquid by bismuth. After casting, a layer of shell remaining in the damage can be used as a lining.

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