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What Is The Role Of Titanium Flanges?

Jul. 29, 2019

The Titanium Flanges are a part made of titanium or titanium alloy of non-ferrous metal, which connects the pipe to the pipe and is connected to the pipe end. It can be cast or it can be made by screwing or welding. The flange connection consists of a pair of flanges, a spacer and a number of bolts and nuts. The gasket is placed between the two flange sealing surfaces. After the nut is tightened, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket reaches a certain value and then deforms, and fills the unevenness on the sealing surface to make the joint tight. Its common brands are: TA0, TA1, TA2, TA3, TA9, TA10, TC4 and so on.

Titanium Flanges

Titanium Flanges

The flanges of each different material have different functions. Titanium flanges have excellent resistance to corrosion in many media. Acid and alkali resistance, long service life, low density, high strength, weight of equipment, smooth surface, no dirt, and greatly reduced fouling coefficient. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, chemical fiber, food, pharmaceutical, chlor-alkali, vacuum salt, fine chemicals, bio-engineering, desalination, marine engineering and other industries.

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