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What's The Characteristics Of Titanium Plate?

Jul. 24, 2019

There are two implementation standards for titanium plates. The national standard is GB/T3621-2007 and GB/T13810-2007. The American standard is ASTM B265, ASTM F136, ASTM F67, and AMS4928.

The features of Titanium Sheet:

Titanium Sheet

Titanium Sheet

1. Titanium Sheet is the surface of the oxide film is equivalent to a good long-term wear-resistant hair separation agent. Using titanium plate can save the separation agent. The plate is easy to peel, eliminating the pre-treatment process of the seed plate. The board is half lighter than the copper board.

2. The service life of titanium plate is more than 3 times that of copper plate, which can reach 10 to 20 years according to operating conditions.

3. The crystal structure of electrolytic copper prepared by using titanium plate is dense, the surface is smooth and the quality is excellent.

4. Since the titanium seed plate does not need to be coated with a separating agent, the contamination of the copper electrolyte can be avoided.

5. Increase production capacity and reduce the production cost of electrolytic copper, so that it has better economic benefits.

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