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A Brief Introduction To Titanium Wire

Jul. 24, 2019

Titanium Wire is used in military, medical, sporting goods, glasses, earrings, plating hangers, welding wire and other industries.

Titanium Wire

Titanium Wire

Titanium Wire Gr5 is characterized by the separation of melting, refining and solidification processes, that is, the molten charge enters the furnace bed and melts, then enters the refining zone of the cold hearth for refining, and then solidifies into ingots in the crystallization zone. T(Ti-6AL-4v) titanium alloy is a titanium alloy developed in the world and it is widely used. Its production accounts for more than half of the world's total production of semi-finished titanium alloys, more than 80% in the aviation industry. AL enhances the room temperature strength and thermal strength of the alloy by solid solution strengthening of the phase a, while V improves both ductility and plasticity. V can also inhibit the formation of a2 superstructure phase, avoiding alloy u and embrittlement during long-term use.

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