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  • GR5 Titanium Tube ASTM B338

  • GR5 Titanium Tube ASTM B338

  • GR5 Titanium Tube ASTM B338

  • GR5 Titanium Tube ASTM B338

  • GR5 Titanium Tube ASTM B338

GR5 Titanium Tube ASTM B338

Quick Details:

GS-METAL supply titanium tubes to leading Oil & Gas industry fabricators to build heat exchangers, air-coolers and other process equipments.

Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr5,Gr7,Gr9,Gr12,Gr23 etc

Standard: ASTM B861, ASTM B862, ASTM B337, ASTM B338, etc

ASME B36.19 titanium seamless tube

ASME B36.10 titanium seamless tube

Titanium tubes / Titanium pipes specifications:

Titanium Seamless Tube

Outside Diameter: 3.00mm-150mm

Thickness: 0.15mm-10mm

Length: up to 15000mm

Titanium Welded Tube

Outside Diameter: 150mm-5000mm

Thickness: 1mm-30mm

Length: up to 6000mm

Titanium Tubes, Pipes and fittings are available in both Seamless as well as Welded types, manufactured to the ASTM/ASME specifications in a wide variety of sizes. Flange types like weld-neck, slip-on, blind, lap joint, threaded and socket weld are available in ASME B16.5 specifications. Depending upong the requirement of your projects we can supply with ASTM/ASME or NORSOK M630 specifications. For detailed information for Titanium Tubing, please contact Our Engineering sales representative.

GS-METAL is one of titanium tube suppliers, with more than 10 years of processing experience, large quantity of titanium coil tubing, seamless Grade 5 titanium tube, extruded titanium tube are all could be customized as your demands.The other material of seamless tube could be rolled as nickel, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, etc.


Chemical processing industrials (Pure titanium Gr1 or Gr2 Plate or tube)

Heat exchanger(Pure titanium Gr.1 or Gr2 Welded tube)

Plate heat exchanger (Pure titanium Gr.1 or Gr.2 Plate)

Tubing heat exchanger (Pure titanium Gr.1 or Gr2 Welded tube)

Condensers all kinds of corrosive fluid transmission pipeline systems

Titanium bicycle frame

Automobile exhaust pipes

Offshore aquaculture, etc.

Grade 9 Titanium tubes

Titanium tubes are commonly used in aerospace hydraulic lines in grade 9. The motorsports, sports equipment and bicycle markets have also found grade 9 very beneficial to their applications because of the light-weight and strength of titanium.

Any mass that has to be moved can benefit from the reduced weight that these tubes allow, giving quicker acceleration and deceleration. This gain is seen in sports shafts like golf and lacrosse. Exhaust tubing is a good application for motorcycles where the heat may be less than 800 degrees. Auto racing headers are still being figured out as they see more than 1000 degrees, which is above the normal operating range of titanium.

Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger

Titanium Tube Exhaust

Titanium Tube End Caps

Titanium Tube Elbow

Titanium Tube For Sale

Titanium Tube Fabricating

Titanium Tube Grade 5

Titanium Tube Grade 2

Large Diameter Titanium Tube

Titanium thick wall pipe

GS-METAL is one of the best China grade 5 and grade 2 titanium tube exhaus caps for sale manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with productive and effective factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us, we have grade 5 grade 2 titanium tube exhaus caps for sale in stock for you.

Production processes:

Titanium Pipe/Titanium Tubing